Krishna Institute of Education

About College

Krishna Institute of Education, Tenduli, Paligarh, Mau, U.P., India, India is going to establish for imparting Qualitative, Professional & Teacher Education at various levels for preparing youths for harmonic Society value oriented national progress as per need of the time.

Teachers play a very important role in a student's life. It is, to a great extent, the teachers who decide the shape a student's life will take.So, it is very necessary to be adequately equipped with resources that will make the teacher a perfect role model to the students.

At Krishna Institute of Education will the most prized possession. The school's student-teacher ratio will helps to provide individual attention to each student. The school will encourages a knowledge-seeking attitude in its students. It maintains a well-equipped library, for the use of teachers and students, that has more than 10,00 books, dictionaries, reference books and manuals. The library also subscribes to nearly 36 periodicals on various subjects. Students will encouraged and trained to make effective use of the library, and a separate period will allotted in the school time table for the library.

Why Choose Our College?

1. The Mahavidyalaya aims to develop, expand and nurture the capabilities underlying in the students.
2. It aims not to make a student literate only but helping it to become a whole person.
3. Co-curricular activities are the integral part for the all round development of the students.

Scholarship Facility

Scholarship Facility is availablein school which is provided by U.P. Govt.

Skilled Teachers

We have a group of qualified teachers.

Book Library & Store

Books are vailable in our library..

Our History

Our students have not only excelled academically but also did brilliantly by winning in Republic Day parade, annual sport activities of the college and other cultural events held over the years. They have brought glory and fame to themselves as well as to the college by winning laurels and performing magnificently. Many students have qualified for IIT & Medical college apart from other courses.

Over 600+ Student

In college 600+ student studying.

We Have 35,000+ Alumni

We have 35000+ Alumi till now